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Welcome to, our new domain. Feel free to explore our website and contact us should you need any assistance.

The new website is designed to make it easy to find products by category and brand. Should you require any further assistance or any other product feel free to enquire with us at

Independent Valve Marketing has partnered with several brands in order to offer you as the client a complete package of what you need. If the product you need is not listed on our website, please contact us, chances are we can provide a valve for every need.

The main brands we carry are as follows:


Vacuvent is a producer of air release and vacuum break valves. Boasting the latest in air release technology, your pipeline will not suffer from air entrapment again. Vacuvent has been supplied to water boards around the world. Its superior material construction and smart anti-shock orifice will offer you great value for money


Charlatte supplies Independent Valve Marketing with surge vessels, produced in a state of the art factory to the highest standards. If you are looking for a surge vessel Independent Valve Marketing is probably one of the few places in Africa who can help you.


Singer is a brand people trust. A long time supplier of control valves Singer valves has the right solutions for your control valve needs.



From butterfly valves to sleeve valves, AVM manufactured them all. Any network protection or isolation valves required can be provided. Independent Valve Marketing is a manufacturer of AVM valves and will readily meet local content manufacture.

IVM is dedicated to provide top quality products at reasonable prices.

We also produce valves locally so you can comply with client’s requirements.

As a marketing and reselling company, IVM has been selling valves for over 20 years. Our expert staff is always willing to help you with whatever you need. Service is our maxim.



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